Buy Original Maharashtra Medical Council Mumbai Certificate

Buy Original Maharashtra Medical Council Mumbai Certificate.

Here, you can Buy Maharashtra Medical Council Mumbai Certificate from Real Documents24 Inc. Maharashtra Medical Council is the oldest body and successor body of the old Bombay Medical Council, which was established in September,1912 and was in existence till bifurcation of old Bombay State. The first meeting of the Bombay Medical Council was held on 24th September, 1912 under the President ship of Mr. H. W. Stevenson. In his speech Mr. H. W. Stevenson said that, there is a vast difference between liberty and license. . He further said that, registration of medical man stamps him with the approval of the Government of the Country and it is accepted as a guarantee of his professional integrity. Buy Original Maharashtra Medical Council Mumbai Certificate

In the year 1929 the Bombay Municipal Corporation, in its meeting held on 27th October, 1929, unanimously passed a resolution that, private dispensaries, who dispense medicine after examination of patient and where there is no sale of medical drugs should be exempted of payment for Shop Act. In 1917 Government of Bombay amended the Bombay Medical Council Act, 1912 and made the provision of reciprocal registration system between the two Councils. On recommendation of the Bombay Medical Council, the Code of Medical Ethics was suggested for the guidance of the Medical Practitioners. There are three principles, which may be regarded as the corner stone of Medical Ethics that, medical man should respect his colleagues, his patients and his Country. In the year 1913, the total registered members of the Bombay Medical Council were 1137


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