Buy Original SMLE license in Saudi Arabia

Buy Original SMLE license in Saudi Arabia

Here, you can Buy Original SMLE license in Saudi Arabia from

This Saudi Medical Licensing Exam ( SMLE Exam ) is necessary for all doctors who want to practice medicine as a general practitioner or as a specialist in Saudi Arabia. The exams are different for different specialties and for general practice. Buy Original SMLE license in Saudi Arabia .

It can either be taken inside Saudi Arabia (where you need an eligibility number from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCFHS Exam), which is a hassle or in several countries of the world (where no eligibility requirement applies, which is great).

It is a 2-hour exam taken on the computer, with 70 multiple choice questions. It is considered an easy exam to pass but getting high marks needs more work. This exam counts when you apply for jobs in Saudi Arabia An organization called arranges this exam inside as well as outside of Saudi Arabia.

Real Documents Inc is a provider of testing and assessment skills. It also holds other exams for different institutions all over the world, one other example is the online USMLE exam.

The exam for General Practice consists of MCQs from internal medicine, ophthalmology, Gynaecology / Obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery, statistics, psychiatry and more.

As the MCQs are often repeated, it is a good idea to read the old questions, many such papers are available on the internet; search google for it. Buy Original SMLE license in Saudi Arabia

One greatly useful book for this exam is the First Aid for the USMLE step 3. This book has short notes on medicine, Gynaecology /obstetrics, pediatrics, and psychiatry.

In order to work as a physician in Saudi Arabia, you must pass the Saudi Medical License Exam (SMLE). To apply for the SMLE, you must have a recognized primary degree (MBBS or equivalent) from an accredited health science program or commenced training in the internship year or student who is one year away from graduation.

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